The (sort of) Plan

by Joe Morris

Map of roughly where I think I'll go
Map of roughly where I think I'll go

The greatest thing since the creation of the world, except for the incarnation and death of Him who created it, is the discovery of the Indies. — Francisco Lopez de Gomara

I'm about to leave for Mumbai in three days, via Seoul. I wanted to test out my emailing system that I've programmed here before I go, so if anybody finds the format of this email hard to read or otherwise annoying, let me know.

My plan, so far as I know it, is thus: I'm going to fly in to Mumbai, via Seoul, and see the Indian festival of lights, Dewali, in Mumbai, which is November 3rd through the 7th. After that, to Kodaikanal, in Tamilnadu and the Western Ghats, where there are friends of my family, the Oberdorfers, who teach at the Kodaikanal International School; I should be there around November 14th. By about December 1st, I will have made my way to Hyderabad, a city in south central India. I'll be staying there with the family of one of my until-recently coworkers, Hari. He wants to see some of his own country, so we'll take off to see someplace -- Mumbai again perhaps, or whatever seems like a good idea at the time.

After I part ways with Hari, I'm not as sure what I'll be doing, except that I'll eventually be wandering towards Kolkata. I have some thoughts of joining a school to learn Hindi, or trying to volunteer someplace if a good opportunity presents itself; there is a good change that will still mostly still be straight up travelling around, though. My Indian visa expires at the end of March, so by then I'll have to be in Thailand, possibly stopping in Myanmar on the way depending on flight schedules, and travelling overland into China via Laos; I'm thinking right now that Yunnan and Sichuan are the two provinces that seem the most wild and interesting, but my priorities may change my the time I get there.

On the tenth of July, 2003, I will hopefully be on a jet plane going from Hong Kong to Seoul. On the way back, I'm going to stay in the land of Daewoo and kim chee for five days, since it's on the way, and than back to Chicago on the fifteenth of July, and San Francisco August first.


Things may change, I may get run over by a deranged Indian on a motorscooter and have to come home early, or meet some pretty girl who's going to Kuala Lampur. We'll see. I'll be interested to see who I am when I get back.



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