At the Kodaikanal International School, the sometime home of my generous hosts here, Don and Betchen Oberdorfer.

Sunset in the Western Ghats. I went on a trip with Don Oberdorfer to the top of a peak near Kodaikanal, and I was just tired of lugging my camera around so I didn't take it. We got to the top -- it was about a $5 minibus ride -- and there was this stupendous sunset, and I immediately lamented my decision. Don convinved me I should go get my camera and paid for the round-trip fare back to get it, and I managed to get this shot at the tail end of sunset. Pattern on fabric hanging out to dry, Kodaikanal. This was the laundry of the woman next door, but I was very impressed by the pattern.
Jaipaul the tailor, holding Mom's salwar. I suppose I'm ruining the surprise, but you'll be getting this in the mail at some point, Mom. The most fun thing to shop for in India, I think, is handmade clothes. Many Indian clothing stores refer to manufactured shirts and pants as "readymades", as opposed to made by a tailor. Fog spilling over into the valley as seen from Pillar Rock, Kodaikanal. Same thing in horizontal view.
With Don and Betchen Oberdorfer, in the entryway to their cottage, Kodaikanal. I would go to Don and Betchen's place pretty much every night for tea, and we'd trade travelling stories, and Don would tell me about going to graduate school with my Dad. They kept things around -- mostly food -- that were a reminder of what it was like to be in America. Kodaikanal International School was founded, if I recall correctly, by German Lutherans who were kicked out of India by the British during the first world war, and it was then taken over by German-American Lutherans, mostly from around Minnesota, like the Oberdorfers. I brought a pound of confectioner's sugar with me from America at their behest, which they used to frost a cake, of which we ate a piece or two each night. They have cakes at some bakeries in India, but it's a pale echo of good ol' American cake. My not-so-humble abode in Kodaikanal. The Oberdorfers set me up, gratis, in the alumni cottage, which was a quaint and well appointed affair, with hot water, toilet paper, and a sitting room with a fireplace.
View from Coaker's walk, Kodaikanal. Kind of like Munnar, without the tea. View from Pillar Rocks, Kodaikanal. I was feeling a little burned out on hauling my SLR around, and foolishly didn't bring it on the drive up to Pillar Rocks, a lookout a few kilometers from Kodaikanal. There was fog rolling in from the far side of the hills, and it was spilling over the ridges as it poured towards the lookout point. I got a ride back to fetch my camera, but the valley was pretty much filled by the time I returned.

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