Home of the Golden Temple and the center of the Sikh religion.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar. This is the Golden Temple, the center of the Sikh religion, which is a blend of Islam and Hinduism, which accepts people of all castes as equals. Perhaps because of this, the Sikhs are very welcoming, and will house and feed all pilgrims and visitors to the Temple. The causeway to the Temple is filled with pilgrims waiting in line to visit the inside of the temple, and many (if not all) bring food for blessing. The Golden Temple, Amritsar. The Golden Temple, Amritsar.
Woman paying homage to Guru Deep Singh. This woman is paying homage to Deep Singh. You can see the image of Deep Singh above her, holding his sword in his right hand and his head in his left. The plaque beneath reads, in part: "About nine kilometers from here [Deep Singh] was faced with a huge army of the Moughals. Commanding and fighting with exemplary vision and bravery, Baba Deep Singh had his head chopped off. But it could not deter him from advancing on the path of Dharma. He placed his severed head on his left palm and kept moving..."

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