This is in Gulbarga, Nothern Karnataka, and home of Preethi, Hari's wife; Preethi is at left, viewing schoolgirls streaming out of her alma mater. Shortly after they arrived in Gulbarga from Hyderabad, Hari and Preethi phoned me an inviatation to stay at her place, and I took them up on it; it was only a one day stay, but since Gulbarga is on the rail line from Hampi to Delhi, it was convenient. Preethi's mom is a good cook; if anyone is ever in Gulbarga you should stop in for some milk puris. They taste like an elephant ear, only better, and as far as they know, are unobtainable in most of India.
PhotographerJoe Morris
Exposure0.006 s (1/160)
Focal Length4.5mm
Flash UsedNo


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