I visited the Hanuman temple that was a few kilometers from the Hampi bazaar. The man on the left was quiet and pensive; the one in the center was an eccentric fool who spoke English in almost a schizophrenic "word salad" -- but then there were little threads of coherency though them ("George Bush daughter LSD taking, yes?" stands out in my mind), and he seemed to be able to formulate what souned like complete thoughts in Kannada. The man with the upraised hand was the guru. I asked if I could take his picture -- actually I asked the fool, who said "after smoking, after smoking." What he meant, it turned out, was immediately after smoking: I now have a series of photographs on slide film of the process of the fool lighting the guru's chillum pipe, stuffed with ganja, and then the guru's eyes bulging as he inhales. Sadly, we will all have to wait for nine months to see that, when I develop the film back in the United States.
PhotographerJoe Morris
Exposure0.003 s (1/320)
Focal Length4.5mm
Flash UsedNo


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