We visited seven acres of farmland that Hari's father and brother had purchased and developed. It has since become evident that there isn't enough water and that it's difficult to maintain, so they are trying to sell it. Whereas I manage my investments by reading up on what mutual funds to invest in, Hari's father would have to manage his farm -- going out and making sure that things were properly planted, harvested, and sold. This is representative of life in India, in that if you have any kind of money at all, you are frequently managing a small horde of people: tailors, drivers, housekeepers, and farmers, for starters. Each of these needs to be encouraged and prodded, as I experienced in trying to get the tailor across the street to make a copy of the pants I had made at Madurai.
PhotographerJoe Morris
Exposure0.004 s (1/250)
Focal Length4.5mm
Flash UsedYes


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