Like Rajan, these women were all but overwhelmed at the opportunity to take a look at my camera. Kannaya, the one on the right, was just excited that it was a camera at all, and first looked through the lens. Then I showed her first how to look through the viewfinder, then how she could see her picture on the back. She spoke decent English, and gave me one of four addresses that I got in as many hours while walking around the Tata plantation, all of people who wanted me to send them their picture. Kannaya makes $1.50 a day -- although if I understood another man I asked the next day, that's base pay, and if you pick more than the 18 kg quota (some people can do up to 80 kg in a day), you get a bonus, plus free education for your children and an average 20% year-end bonus.
PhotographerJoe Morris
Exposure0.005 s (1/200)
Focal Length4.5mm
Flash UsedNo


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