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Highs, Lows, and Touring Tips

We’re now safely back in Berkeley, and thought it would be worth a wrap-up post to review how far we went, the highs and lows, and things we learned.

Total Distance: 2261km (see our daily distance, costs, and notes log)
kms in Ireland 361.1
kms in France 664.8
kms in Italy 145.8
kms in Switzerland 196.5
kms in Germany 834.9

Highlights of the trip

  • The campsite at Camping de la Mer, Primel-Trégastel, Plousganou, France.
  • Road D17 in Provence, from Arles to St. Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, along the southern edge of the Alpilles and then (later) past Mont-Sainte-Victoire. Continue reading

Aside: Differences Between Biking in France and Germany

We found that biking in Germany is different from biking in France. The French have a huge network of rural roads, open to cars but in most cases little used. There are signs for various villages, but none of them are specific to bicycles. We navigated by using Michelin maps (mostly 1:250,000 regional maps) and picking white roads – little used secondary roads – and following green “scenic” routes wherever possible. That worked out pretty well.

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